Twinstar Photos

Kolb Photos:

This is an older (c. 1991) image of me in the Kolb "Flyer". Powered by 2 Solo engines of 16 horsepower each. Designed by Homer Kolb in the mid-seventies. I put over 300 hours on it and loved every minute.

Climbing-out at Bartlesville, Oklahoma at a blistering 200 FPM!

Several years ago, a few of us were invited to the ANG 138th Fighter Group's open house. The wind got up over 20 knots in the pm so we had to leave our birds in the hangar with the F16's overnight. (I slept pretty well that night.)

A really ugly guy and Homer Kolb at Oshkosh 1994. Homer told me he saved back one Flyer kit for himself before production stopped - I got the impression it was his favorite design.
(BTW - there are three autographs on that lime green cap; Homer Kolb, Scott Crossfield, and Steve Wittman. Oshkosh is a wonderful place...)

Randy Schlitter checking out the Flyer at an airshow several years ago.

Current Project: 1985 Twinstar 503 SC. This was taken right after I got it. The old enclosure has now been removed and I am "converting" it to a Mk. II style.

Front view (before the demolition began).

Joe Robberson's Kolb Mark II.

Other Photos:

Tom, my bestest flying buddy with his 'Vector'. Tom owns the field I used to fly from, Nighthawk Airpatch, Inola, Oklahoma.
He sold the Vector a couple years ago but I like this picture too much to leave it out.

Tom again with his scale Heath Parasol. Power is from a 1/2 Volkswagon engine.

Doug, another bud with his prize winning Weedhopper. I've seen him loop this thing (honest - I swear on a stack of LEAF catalogs!).

A different Tom in a Wizard.

Yes, these photos were taken just a few seconds apart.

My 1984 Challenger II. A short trip on a bumpy road - stick with Kolb!

Not exactly an "ultralight" at over 300 lbs but almost as much fun, my 1930 HD 'V' model 74 cubic inch scooter (definitely NOT for sale!).